A tournament match scheduler and report program

Bruscup is a windowsprogram that you can run under all versions of windows. The prize is 0, and your free to download it.
It consists of 2 parts. The first part is creation of a tournament where you decide the level of the participating teams. For example boys born a certain year. The program was initially created for organizing soccer tournaments for a local soccer club.

Creating a tournament

Group stage

Within the level of the participating teams for example age class 2005, boys born 2005, you then decide how many groups there will be playing the group stage.
The next thing to decide is how many teams will play in each group.

The program will create the teams with names like team1 team2 etc. in group G2005-01 etc

To dig deeper into this go to youtube


When the group stage is created, next thing is to plan the finals.
More documentation is coming but you can still download the program.
Download BrusCup